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First, Get a Picture of the Battlefield – Government by Way of Google Glass

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***scrounged from the deep web***

“Technology is no mere means. Technology is a way of revealing. If we give heed to this, then another whole realm for the essence of technology will open itself up to us. It is the realm of revealing, i.e., of truth.” – Heidegger

1. One need not witness a small child trying to use the iPhone pinch/zoom function directly on her father’s face in order to understand that technologies are more than mere tools.

2. To describe the present is to demonstrate the absolute deficiency of any dystopic vision.

3. While philosophers still sit around critiquing it, and most of the politicals still have yet to even perceive it, at the level of government the old humanist order of subject-object binaries and enclosures has already been ditched for a new one based on information, feedback, and coupling. The great link-up, in other words: which is…

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