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Spanish Class

Various resources to help you in individual or self organized group Spanish study. You also might try and find Spanish speaking people in your area who would like to learn English and attempt to organize a mutual language learning exchange.


  • Video games in Spanish
    First you will need an emulator (a program that allows you to use your computer or android as a video game console). There are emulators for lots of different consoles, below you will see links to Playstation and Super Nintendo emulators and games. Doing some internet research you should be able to figure out other consoles though. For studying in this manner, playing Roly Playing Games (RPGs) is recommended, because they have lots and lots of text and story happening but, unlike a book, you have context. You should start your own vocabulary list as you play through the game, looking up and writing down every word, using an in print Spanish/English dictionary or You can also look up the in Spanish definition and write those down in your personal vocabulary dictionary/notebook.
    First download the appropriate emulator for your computer or android, then find the ROMS for the appropriate games using the links below.
    Playstation emulator:
    Juegos/roms (games, en Español):


Reference materials:

Lessons and training exercises (beware of colonial biases):



News sources:

Reading materials:


What is missing?


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