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Info on Genocide and Empire

This page is for sharing information on the matters of genocide and empire.

Introduction to Genocide in the Americas (/Turtle Island) and Globally
(for people who need to be convinced there is ongoing genocide in the US and the Americas)


Native American Nations Our Own Names and Locations

*NOTE – this map cuts off many of the territories of many indigenous peoples whose ancestral land is on both sides of the present day US border. Despite that limitation, it is very well researched and of value. Map has info on how to order to support the makers.

Also, regarding genocides against various cultures residing in the “homelands” of the European empires prior to expansion into the Americas/Turtle Island (i.e. the history of the European crowns against those who would eventually reject their own people’s identities and struggles in exchange for the white agreement of genocide against the native populations of Turtle Island) see:

Further materials:


More (websites):

Occupation and Law

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3 comments on “Info on Genocide and Empire

  1. swaneagle Harijan
    February 9, 2013

    Many are still fighting out side the context of OWS and were before it came along. Trouble is, as a serial single mother who never married with mixed race kids i experience marginalization most educated privileged people do not. I homeschooled my children and took them with me to Big Mountain where traditional Dine and Hopi people requested the presence of human rights observers in their resistance against Peabody Coal and forced relocation. Over 8,000 people have died already, a direct result of forced relocation. THAT is where climate change begins at the source of resource extraction where people who don’t matter to “overeducated” people die for amerikkkan lifestyle. It was Hippies and Anarchists who came to help. The REAL ones knowing already how to live without electricity and running water. That was my greatest education as well as the 4 months i spent in jail for DC against eh Seabrooke Nuke. To this day, Bill McKibbon still reinforces privilege by calling for people to come to actions in suits and dresses. Even tho so many who did the Tar Sands CD in front of the white house were Indigenous, he never addressed their severe losses as a result of the horrific contamination by the Tar Sands. Al fucking Gore never once mention in his boring “An Inconvenient Truth” about the really inconvenient truth of millions of killings of people in the Congo for gold, diamonds, oil, coltan. The plight of those most impacted continues being ignored. This, my friends, is egregious and cannot be shrugged off any longer. All over the earth, people are being killed by corporate hired death squads such as Newmont mining in Peru which abandoned it’s Midnight Uranium mine on the Spokane reservation leaving dozens of Spokane Indians to die of cancer. In Peru, the Indigenous people are being outright shot so Newmont can ruin 5 lakes for it leach gold mine. Then there are those being killed for gold in Guatemala, Mexico, the Philipines. If activists were paying attention to these violations and the elevated pedestal dwelling dickheads who take over all the time and rape in the closet, maybe unity would have a chance. Sorry, but rabid sexism, racism, elitism has always destroyed authentic unity. ALWAYS. It’s just that those oppressed most never count. Authoritarianism is a suicidal blight.

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