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Creating the Infrastructure for Autonomy: Intensive Community Weaving Project

Creating the Infrastructure for Autonomy: Intensive Community Weaving Project

Intensive project composed of large group of diverse individuals, possibly including you, committed to creating community. The project will begin sometime during summer 2012 and will draw on and contribute to many of the Summer Series 2012 courses and activities. The project is still being defined at this point but the idea is to holistically imagine and create community. Please email to express interest in actively participating in and shaping this project, as we will need a group of dedicated folks to move forward with it.

The plan as it stands, although subject to change, is to designate a particular topic related to community survival for each day of the week for the entirety of summer 2012. The current 7 topics of choice are as follows (please offer critiques and comments on this layout):

  • Water
  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Clothing and Equipment
  • Communication
  • Healing, Preservation and Transformation
  • Community Weaving

Once per day, participants in the Intensive Community Weaving Project will gather to discuss and/or conduct activities (lessons, practical projects etc.) in relation to that topic and community. Once per week on the same day each week throughout the summer (e.g. every Sunday), all participants of the project will be expected to gather on the topic of Community Weaving. This day is meant to ground all of the various participants and topics in one place to work toward greater synthesis and cohesion of the community. Many of the activities relating to the various topics that participants in this project will have the opportunity to engage in throughout the week will be other already existing Free U activities (e.g. Guerilla Gardening).

  • Participants in this project will be expected to have the capacity to attend the Community Weaving day and at least one other day each week

Please reply below or email with any questions, comments or concerns


One comment on “Creating the Infrastructure for Autonomy: Intensive Community Weaving Project

  1. evolvefascistbuddha
    June 6, 2012

    Hey, I can help with various healing, sound healing and meditation or yoga classes once I get back. -haji

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