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206 Free Skool

206 Free Skool is a decentralized learning project based in the 206. It is part of a learning network of the South Salish Sea (see below). You can participate by following and/or adding to the calendar, signing up to the mailing list, helping publish and distribute hard copies of the calendar, adding to the list of “collectives, orgs and projects in the 206“, creating and/or distributing propaganda for this project and website, and whatever else you might think of. Contact

These projects are taking place on contested lands which have been stolen from the indigenous peoples of this region by individual invaders/settlers, public and private corporations, and the US government. It is the intention of organizers of these gatherings to act in solidarity and joint struggle with native/tribal nations of the region and for the return and protection of their ancestral lands. Seattle is built upon occupied Duwamish and Suquamish land. Olympia rests on occupied Nisqually territory. Tacoma is based in occupied Puyallup territory and Bellingham in occupied Lummi Nation territory. To learn more on genocide, occupation and decolonization see: the map below noting the intense variety of Coast Salish Peoples, watch the calendar for events in solidarity and joint struggle with original peoples, read “Decolonization is not a metaphor“, see Red Cry (documentary), El Factor Demarest / The Demarest Factor (Bilingue English/Español) (documentary), Info on Genocide and Empire (page), Quiver distro and generally try paying attention to mother earth and those acting in her defense.

Also see more maps below from


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