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Dealin’ with the Fuzz’

Read, print, share “If an Agent Knocks” from the Center for Constitutional Rights

Checkout the “Police Tape” App for Android from the American Civil Liberties Union (NJ) at for an easy to use and indespensible tool for keeping communities safe from police abuse

As well as the ability for people to organize learning communities on this subject on their own, using the video above and the resources below as a start, the following event is scheduled on the calendar:

Dealin’ with the Fuzz’: Protecting Our Communities from the Police
@ the Wildcat Social Center (1105 23rd Ave) @ 1pm on June 30th


Copwatch Handbook:
Copwatch News:
Copwatch Short Film (Berkeley CW):



Albuquerque Copwatch:
Austin Copwatch:
Berkeley Copwatch:
Chicago Copwatch:
Copwatch Facebook:
Copwatch LA: forum:
Copwatch Tumblr:
Fullerton Copwatch:
Hamilton Copwatch:
Houston Copwatch:
NYC Copwatch:
Oakland Copwatch:
Orlando Copawtch:
Pheonix Copwatch:
People’s Justice Coalition:
Portland Copwatch:
Redwood Curtain Copwatch:
Reedley Copwatch & Officer Complaint Center:
Rose City Copwatch:
Sacramento Copwatch:
Santa Rosa Copwatch:
Seattle Copwatch:
Sydney Copwatch:
Vancouver Copwatch:
West Denver Copwatch:

Articles of interest:

How to Stage a 2 Person Mass Protest”:
France court orders block on ‘copwatch’ website”:


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