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Scheduling regular meeting time for Free U Organizing

Hey folks,

So far we have met on a fairly irregular basis, but now the time has finally come to set up a regular meeting time for folks who want to be directly involved in organizing with the Free U. Please take the time to fill out the following Doodle Poll if you are interested in participating in the regular organizing meetings:

If you are not interested in organizing, but you want to stay in touch with what is happening with Free U, pay attention to yourself, this website, join the facebook group, and if you are in Seattle come out to Food 4 Everyone on Sundays at 24th and Cherry in the Central District where a community potluck takes place beginning at 2pm every Sunday and where various learn-ins will be hosted regularly (feel free to come and initiate your own!).

Expect a more well formed course listing mid-June with courses to begin before the end of the month, to show up on this site soon. If you are interested in facilitating a course, please email details to You may be requested to collaborate with others who are planning on facilitating a similar subject.


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