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Was disgraced sheriff Joey Kyle preparing for Armageddon?

Indiĝenaj Inteligenteco

Was disgraced sheriff Joey Kyle preparing for Armageddon? – [] “I don’t know how it got here or how it got paid for,” Christian County Commissioner Ray Weter said. Friday morning, the food was loaded into trucks and donated to the Christian County Family Crisis Center. Interim Sheriff Dwight McNiel said the stockpile was a bizarre discovery, another example of a poorly managed department with profligate spending, poor record keeping and very little accountability. “It was apparently purchased as part of an end-of-time plan —part of a survival plan,” McNiel said. It’s not clear, however, whether the food was purchased with county money, Weter said. In January 2014, Kyle — who pleaded guilty to embezzlement and aiding a fraud scheme in May —went to a U.S. Chamber of Commerce conference in Las Vegas, Weter said, and he came back talking about the apocalypse. Lou Lapaglia, who served as presiding commissioner…

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