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Hip-Hop Fight Club: Radical Theory, Education, and Practice in and Beyond the Classroom

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Originally published: Radical Teacher, No. 97, (Fall) 2013.
Fight Club and Hip-Hop as Radical Theory, Education and Practice

Jared A. Ball

“Bolekaja! … Come on down, let’s fight!” – Marimba Ani1

Introducing… In This Corner…!

Few who have any working knowledge of hip-hop are unaware of the importance battling  plays in all its elements.  Emcees battle, DJs battle, graffiti artists battle, dancers battle, everyone battles.  Well, not everyone, or at least not nearly enough.  If, as has been suggested, “hip-hop journalism” is to be a “sixth”2 element and “hip-hop scholarship” now a “seventh”3 element of hip-hop then they too must truly “Step in the Arena” or “Enta da Stage.”4

As someone loosely affiliated with each of these elements I have for sometime now thought this necessary but have only really found a home for this argument in my classrooms, as tacit pedagogy.  There I have been indirectly engaging this…

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