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Defend Poli’ahu!

Cody Lestelle

Talk about your  #JuneAgainstDoom these folks really done it up. Looking at this and the plans of Shell to drill in the arctic one might be led to believe that there is actually a war on the element of water by the empire. “Summit is dwelling place of snow goddess and the Gods of mist and water…Hundreds gathered 9,000ft up, blocking workers with both their bodies and large boulders placed in the road as their vehicles made their ascent…The construction workers had intended to install fencing around the site but gave-up after being routinely stopped.” (1) Seems like #sHellNO could learn a lot from this.

defend poliahu2defend poliahu

Maybe this is part of what the declaration from the National Indigenous Congress in Chiapas, Mexico was referring to when they said, “We warn that there is an unprecedented attack on the sacred pillars of the world, recognized and sustained by the original peoples and…

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