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UK rail unions call off strike action

Counter Information

By Michael Barnes
23 May 2015

A national rail strike, due to begin on May 25, has been suspended by the Transport Salaried Staff Association (TSSA) and the Rail Maritime Transport Workers union (RMT).

The strike was in furtherance of a pay increase and job protections and would have been the first national rail strike since 1994 at publicly-owned Network Rail.

The unions have betrayed a large strike mandate and in doing so disarmed rail-workers in the face of a ferocious assault by the incoming Conservative government and the media.

TSSA, representing 3,000 white collar staff at the company, called off a strike one hour before Network Rail was due to apply for a High Court injunction based on a number of alleged discrepancies in the voting procedure.

Corporate interference in the ballot procedure is part of an ongoing campaign to illegalise strikes. In 2010 a vote for national strike…

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