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Tzotzil rock from the group Sak Tzevul

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 Tzotzil rock from the group Sak Tzevul


Rock in the Tzotzil (indigenous Maya) language, played by Sak Tzevul, from Zinancantán, Chiapas, Mexico.

This clip is from Sts’umbeyel ta yo’ otan skolel alnich’an “Roots and Wings”.

In recent years, more musicians in Mexico are singing in indigenous languages such ​​as Seri, Tzotzil or Nahuatl. The performers come from indigenous communities who have adopted musical forms which are not part of their traditional culture, but sing the lyrics in their own language.

The birth of the EZLN has been important to the indigenous rock. The public appearance of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) in 1994 attracted the attention of many sectors of the country and forced the authorities to implement public policies towards indigenous peoples. Above all, in many communities awakened a process of claiming their rights, culture and language, where music is an important element. This trend…

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