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The 2000 Liberation: Strategic Consequences

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The liberation of year 2000 was a turning point in the history of Lebanon and the region. It is now a school where from any group or people may draw inspiration. Conversely, there has been many a political and media effort to contain this victory, as well as many of the resistance’s others, so as to prevent their becoming a factor of prevalent Arab awakening against “Israel”. Even so, the major ramifications of Hizbullah’s victories in Lebanon up to the 2000 Liberation were reflected in Palestine.

The 2000 Liberation: Strategic Consequences

Although the liberation’s effect could have spread wider and could have been more tangible were it not for the counter-war launched by the resistance’s enemies in the Arab world. But this war could not shield and prevent a key aspect of the victory’s ramifications, namely with regards the balance of the conflict, and political and military thought in the “Israeli” entity.


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