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France boosts military spending, recruits more youth into the army

Counter Information

By Kumaran Ira

23 May 2015

On Wednesday, the French cabinet approved a 109-page review of the 2014-2019 Military Program Law adopted after the Socialist Party (PS) government released the Military strategy White paper in 2013. The law is to be debated and voted on in the parliament in June.

The review includes an extra €3.8 billion in spending on the military between 2015 and 2019, bringing France’s total defense budget for that period to €162.4 billion. This is the first major rise in French defense spending in a quarter century. In addition to the extra spending, other measures include permanent deployment of from 7,000 to as many as 10,000 troops inside France, as well as boosting naval and air forces and the number of troops available for overseas military operations. The army will go to 77,000 from 66,000 men next year.

Most of these new troops will be fighting…

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