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Alison Weir: Please help us overcome the accusations against If Americans Knew

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May 23, 2015  /  Gilad Atzmon

Introduction by GA: I have learned in the last few days  that Alison Weir, the admired activist who fights relentlessly for Palestinians and their rights, has also been targeted by our Jewish ‘allies’ at JVP.  It has been established by now that the Jewish pro Palestinian league is functioning as a controlled opposition apparatus. If JVP is truly concerned with Anti Semitism, it should immediately restrain itself. As things stand, its actions provoke a tidal wave of resentment towards Jewish politics within the dissident movement.  

 Please help us overcome the accusations against If Americans Knew

By Alison Weir

 I personally, and If Americans Knew as an organization, are among those who have periodically been targeted by whispering campaigns. Please help us prevent these false accusations from impeding our important work.

“Examining the founding of Israel, discussing the history of pro-Israel efforts, critiquing Israeli policy, championing the Palestinian right of return…

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