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The Lexicon of Zion

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May 14, 2015  /  Gilad Atzmon

By Kim Petersen / May 13th, 2015

Author/jazz artist Gilad Atzmon has combined with cartoonist Enzo Apicella to produce, as it is entitled, The Definitive Israeli Lexicon: A to Zion. And true to its title, provided are the definition of words from A to Z — from a Jewish-Israeli standpoint.

As the book’s composers make clear, it is a “truthful yet satirical book.” They also unashamedly state that it “is probably the ultimate toilet book.” In a sense this is very true because it is full of shit which is a euphemistic way to describe the belief that one people has the right to commit assorted crimes such as stealing another people’s land, homes, and laying siege to their victims.

This dispossession, occupation, and oppression of Palestinians by Israeli Jews is captured with a delicate balance of seriousness and, tongue-in-cheek by Atzmon…

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