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Choosing Love: Support the 1st Annual Black Love Festival!

What's Happening Black Oakland?

“Love is resistance and it’s important that we work on healing before continuing this struggle.”

At its very essence, love is a liberatory act. It is the beginning and the end and amidst all of the protests, court rulings, and direct actions, an inherently deep love for ourselves and greater community is what what will help us sustain and strengthen a growing movement.


The Black Love Festival, organized by China Pharr, Leigh Davenport, and Etecia Brown; provides an example of love being used as an organizing tool to build bridges, share resources, and create healing spaces. It takes place on Saturday July 18th from 12-6pm in Heron’s Head Park in Bayview Hunters Point and will be MC’d by v-logger Gazi Kodzo, with performances by DJ Underdog, Rexxliferaj, Aziza Cree, and live painting by Markus Prime, headliners and more artists will be announced soon. The festival will provide a space…

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