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Protest at the Home of Richard Cavallaro–CEO of Skanska USA!


From New York activists:

As pressure builds across the country against Skanska USA, New York City activists have set the bar high with their new high profile target–Richard Cavallaro.

rich-cavallaro-skanska Richard Cavallaro, President/CEO of Skanska USA Inc.

Richard is the President and CEO of Skanska USA. He recently took this new position on January 1, 2015 and is now the person responsible for overseeing Skanska’s four main US revenue streams– Skanska USA Building, Skanska USA Civil, Skanska USA Commercial Development, and Skanska USA Infrastructure Development. In the last 19 years, Mr. Cavallaro has climbed the corporate hierarchy to the topmost executive position in the United States. He has perhaps more decision-making power within the company than any other person in the country. All other executives–like Chris Toher, David Harrison, David Schmidt, Jim Link–report to him.

Richard Cavallaro has international corporate influence as well. Richard is one of the nine members of…

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