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National Caravan for Water, Land, Work and Life

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National Caravan for Water, Land, Work and Life

Magdalena Gómez
La Jornada, 5th May 2015


Mexico’s Yaqui tribe announced the upcoming National Caravan for water, land, work and life. On Monday, May 11, three regional caravans will set out: one leaving from Vícam and Cajeme, Sonora; another from Piedras Negras, Coahuila, and a third from Pijiapan, Chiapas. They will travel to 75 cities in 23 states. This important mobilization effort involves dozens of indigenous communities, rural and urban organizations, environmentally affected groups, consumers of water and electricity, unions, universities, teachers, young people, ecologists, basic ecclesiastical communities and human rights groups.

This coming together of groups has converged around such strategic points of common interest as the imposition of water transfer via aqueducts, toxic mining, fracking, dams, wind farms, pipelines, power plants, devastation of forests, heedless urbanization, highways, privatization of energy and water systems, agrochemical and industrial pollution, the…

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