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France National Front: Jean-Marie Le Pen to set up ‘grouping’

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 Jean-Marie Le Pen (left) and Marine Le Pen. Photo: 1 May 2015
Marine Le Pen (right) has made it clear she wants her father (left) out of politics

France’s National Front (FN) founder Jean-Marie Le Pen has said he plans to set up his own “grouping” after being suspended from the far-right party.

“I’m not going to start another party. I will create a grouping that does not compete with the FN,” he told France’s Radio Courtoisie.

Mr Le Pen, 86, was suspended this month after he repeated his view that the Holocaust was “a detail of history”.

His daughter Marine Le Pen, 46, has been leading the FN since 2011.

She is trying to steer the party away from its racist and anti-Semitic past, correspondents say.


Mr Le Pen said he was creating his movement to “weigh in to restore the political line that was followed for decades”.

He added that those opposing the FN’s new line “are numerous…

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