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Egypt’s junta has no intention of letting the people be free



By Nasim Ahmed

My previous article on Egypt examined how “the heart of the Arab world” has been locked into foreign dependency since its formation as a modern nation state. I argued that Egypt, for decades, has endured “development of underdevelopment”; the process has fostered poverty and the impoverishment of Egyptian society and stunted its growth politically and economically. It’s a familiar picture reflecting the misfortune of fledgling countries struggling to survive in a globalised system dominated by a small number of powerful states.

Egypt’s eternal challenge is ridding itself of the elites whose self-interest lies in maintaining the country’s dependency status. With a population of 83 million, the largest in the Middle East, an open and free democratic Egypt is seen as a grave threat to the regional oligarchy.

If the regional power structure was somewhat hidden from view in the past, we have been given a full glimpse…

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