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Britain First leader sparks police hate crime warning after threat to bury pigs at planned mosque

Liverpool Antifascists

Paul Golding told Dudley rally that burying dead animal at proposed site would scupper plans

A police chief has warned hate crimes will be “relentlessly” pursued after a far-right leader threatened to bury a pig at a mosque construction site in Dudley.

Paul Golding told a Britain First rally in the town on Saturday that he is prepared to go to prison in a bid to stop the place of worship being built.

Another speaker also made remarks about the Prophet Muhammad, which were recorded and reported by anti-fascist activists in the crowd.

A Muslim community leader later said the inflammatory comments came against a backdrop of hate crimes and had been reported to the police.

West Midlands Police has now confirmed that the speeches, on the steps of Dudley Council House, had been “closely monitored”.

Chief Superintendent Chris Johnson said: “We are aware that some people may have taken…

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