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A Practical Approach to Strategic Organizing for Popular Struggle (2005)

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This article originally appeared in Socialism and Democracy, vol. 19, no. 2 (July 2005). Subscribe to Socialism and Democracyand help support their free prisoner subscriptions.

An attempt to prioritize strategic objectives for the Left, toward pushing social forces beyond capitalism here in amerika or abroad, should begin with determining the primary contradictions between the oppressed social forces and those that do the oppressing.  Three contradictory relations can be said to exist within the oppressive system of global capitalism, viz: the exploitation of all laboring classes by the capitalists, the exploitation of 3rd-World people by imperialism, and the alliance of white workers (and some integrationist ethnic elements) with their imperialist masters against 3rd-World people of color here and abroad.  Strategic priorities on the Left must therefore be focused on resolving these contradictions in favor of all working classes and moving them beyond capitalist exploitation.  This…

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