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Linguistic Profiling

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racial iden By Patrice D. Johnson

“Racial identification by speech
takes place all the time, and it
has had several legal implications.”

Publisher’s Note: This is first of a regular feature as we highlight the strength of the BC Archives. Everything we have published over more than 13 years and 600 issues is available by visiting the Archives page.  This particular commentary was published in the very first issue of BC on April 5, 2002.  It is a sad commentary that the discriminatory behavior Ms. Johnson calls “Talking While Black” continues today.

Racists have some slippery ways of denying their guilt. When charged with administering job or school application tests that are culturally biased, they claim the tests are “merit-based.” When racist cops stop and search an innocent young Black man driving through a white neighborhood, they cite crime statistics to back up their actions. And when racist landlords…

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