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Efforts to Restart Sham Israeli/Palestinian Peace Talks

Uprootedpalestinians's Blog

By Stephen Lendman


Palestinians never had a peace partner in Israel, America or other Western countries – less than ever now with fascist US and Israeli lunatics running things.

They’re all take and no give. They don’t negotiate. They demand.

They reject peace. They want unconditional Palestinian surrender.

They want endless wars and instability. They blame victims for their high crimes.

Netanyahu said he’ll never allow a Palestinian state – except perhaps a rump, isolated meaningless one on worthless scrubland surrounded by belligerent Israeli forces.

Decades of so-called peace talks failed. Chances for success now are virtually zero.

Britain, France and New Zealand urge passing a (worthless) Security Council resolution restating (dead on arrival) talks.

Washington said it may “reassess” its position – code language for old wine in new bottles.

Republicans and Democrats support Israel’s worst crimes.
Both countries partner in each other’s wars.

They’re in lockstep on…

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