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Oregon: racist utopia

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Oregon Map
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An article by Matt Novak over at Gizmodo revisists a slice of history that most people in the Northwest would just as soon forget.

When Oregon was granted statehood in 1859, it was the only state in the Union admitted with a constitution that forbade black people from living, working, or owning property there. It was illegal for black people even to move to the state until 1926. Oregon’s founding is part of the forgotten history of racism in the American west.

While we sometimes want to believe racism—or at least institutionalized racism— was endemic only to the South, this is far from the truth. Racism wasn’t just common and accepted practice in many, if not most, areas of the country, it was simply the law.

Waddles Coffee Shop in Portland, Oregon was a popular restaurant in the 1950s for both locals and travelers alike. The drive-in…

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