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From slavery to bishop, James Varick

James Varick
Sat, 1750-01-10

The birth of James Varick in 1750 is celebrated on this date. He was the first Black Methodist Episcopal Zion Bishop in America.

He was born to a slave mother in Newburgh, New York, who was a slave of the Varicks or Van Varcks. She was later freed. His father, Richard, was born in Hackensack, New Jersey, where he was baptized in the Dutch Church. The family lived in New York City while James Varick was young. He acquired an elementary education in New York schools. By trade Varick was a shoemaker. Later he also worked as a tobacco cutter. Since the church with which he was associated did not pay its preachers for many years, he worked at his trades to support himself and his family. About 1790, he married Aurelia Jones. The couple had four sons and…

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