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10/01/15: Israeli settlers and soldier shoot children from Burin, Nablus

solidarity movement for free Palestine

On Saturday 10 January, as children across the West Bank of Palestine were playing in the snow, Israeli settlers from the illegal colony of Bracha accompanied by soldiers, shot at the children of Burin village, just south of Nablus city.

18 year old Jamal Abbas Asous and 15 year old Mohammed Yasser Al-Najjar were shot with live ammunition fired at them by the settlers and soldiers as they played in the snow. They are currently being treated in Rafidia hospital in Nablus where SFP members visited them.

Burin is subjected to daily attacks from the settlers and soldiers that surround the village. Last year saw a campaign of arrests of young men and children from the village, including SFP members and Steering Committee member Ghassan Najjar. Ghassan is still in prison having been held for 6 months already with no charges brought against him. A Court appearance scheduled for 8…

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