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Kill your inner whitey so you can get free with everyone else…

Cody Lestelle

In the context of national and global uprisings against white supremacy, I decided start trying a bit more to convince (other) white people to be “race traitors” and to see the potential for their own liberation in black and other people of color liberation struggles (i.e. kill your inner whitey so you can get free with everyone else.)

Whiteness is not a cultural identity, it is a political agreement with empire. Whiteness is based in the white agreement: sell out your culture and ties to black and indigenous uprisings and work for the empire and you will be rewarded (the amerikkkan dream). The white agreement was created by the infant US empire at a time when massive amounts of European indentured servants were escaping the plantations and allying themselves with black and native folks in militant struggle against the plantation owners. Whiteness was created to buy them off, a perfect…

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