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Zapatista News Summary for November 2014

Chiapas Support Committee



In Chiapas

1. Ayotzinapa Caravan Meets with EZLN in Oventik  –  On November 15, the Caravan of relatives and compañer@s of the murdered and disappeared Ayotzinapa students that traveled south met with Zapatista bases and commanders of the EZLN commanders in the Caracol of Oventik. Comandantes Javier and Tacho welcomed and opened the meeting and Subcomandante Moisés issued a major statement on behalf of the EZLN’s General Command. The 3 comunicados can be read here!

2. EZLN and CNI Denounce Xochicuautla Arrests – On November 3, the National Indigenous Congress (CNI) and the EZLN issued a joint statement regarding the use of riot police and helicopters in an action to break up a protest in Xochicuautla  over the construction of a super-highway. 8 indigenous members of the community were arrested. This is the same community where the Worldwide Festival of Resistances and Rebellion…

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