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Support Swedish Animal Liberation Prisoners

Denver Anarchist Black Cross


Three activists have been sentenced in Sweden to prison for anti-fur farm actions. Ebba was sentenced to 2-5 years in prison for animal rights actions against fur (mink) farming, Karl Häggroth received also 2-6 years in prison for the same kind of action; Richard Klinsmeister received a sentence of one year and nine months. These actions were treated under the Animal Rights Militia (ARM) banner. These actions were property damage in which NO person was injured or harmed. Animal liberation is not a crime. You can support these prisoners by buying a hoodie or t-shirt from their support group. Please send letters and support to show solidarity:


Box 1005
718 92 FRÖVI

2. K. Häggroth  (supposed to be transferred soon, check here for updates)

Box 213

3.Richard Klinsmeister

Box 22113
501 14 Borås

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