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On Thiz Day In History (our story)

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Black history in Europe, a short story

Thu, 1441-12-01

*African (Black) history in Europe from 1400 is briefly recalled on this dates Registry.

To address the story of black people in Europe, certainly addresses the history of slavery and the history of European colonialism. The relationship between the two continents began with mutual respect and curiosity. For the last 600 years Africans, African-Americans, African-Europeans, Europeans, and European-Americans are still paying for the results. The history begins, as so much in the modern world, with the business expansion of European culture.

While Europeans had always known about Africa, they hadn’t known much. Their desire to make money made Africa interesting. The first real substantial relationships Europeans forged with Africans were with the Islamic civilizations and traders of North Africa. These two groups had been in sporadic but undefined contact all through the European Middle Ages. In the fifteenth century, the…

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