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Lebanon’s negotiations with al-Nusra: How Ali Bazzal’s execution was postponed

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Family members of the kidnapped soldiers erect posters of their loved ones in Downtown Beirut. Al-Akhbar/Marwan Tahtah
Published Monday, December 1, 2014
For the second time, Sheikh Mustafa Hujairi (Abu Taqiyyi) has succeeded in stopping the execution of the captive Lebanese army soldier Ali Bazzal. His mediation has so far resulted in the release of 13 hostages, and in stopping the execution of the abductee twice. Thus, once again, the government has decided to put him in charge of the [prisoner exchange] negotiations file. But for Hujairi, not much has changed. In all cases, representatives of the government and the Qatari-Syrian envoy turn to him for both minute and major issues.
Hujairi told Al-Akhbar,
“There should not be any more temporary solutions. The government must commit to its pledges to ensure the release of the soldiers.”
“As of today, the phase of stalling must end,”…

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