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German welfare “reforms” promote virtual slave labour

Counter Information

By Dietmar Henning

1 December 2014

An article in the recent issue of Der Spiegel has exposed the dirty secret of the German economy. The Hartz welfare and labour “reforms” and the enlargement of the European Union into Eastern Europe have created conditions in which hundreds of thousands of workers are exploited as virtual slaves without rights.

Under the headline “everyday exploitation”, the magazine reports on several examples of these slave-like conditions and cites official data on their spread throughout Germany. “Whether in horticulture, at wholesale markets, in the meat industry or in construction,” it says, “Working people everywhere are working for starvation wages of less than five euros per hour.”

According to a survey by the Institute for Work and Qualification at the University of Duisburg-Essen, this affects 1.7 million people. Since 2008, this number has increased dramatically. “There is hardly another country in the euro zone where the…

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