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Neo-Nazi Vadim Troyan Appointed Kiev Police Chief

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Neo-Nazi Appointed Kiev Police Chief            

Ukraine human rights group:

  • claims appointment did not follow proper procedure
  • insists neo-Nazis are not suitable for managerial positions in the police force
  • nonetheless praises the appointee in question as courageous liberator

For the Western media the main story of Ukraine parliamentary elections had been that the far-right Svoboda party failed to pass the 5% treshold to take seats in the parliament and that the influence of nationalistic radicals on the Ukrainian political scene had therefore waned.

Svodoba, however, was only one vehicle for extremists. These also organized as the populist-extremist Radical Party of Oleg Lyashko which very much did capture seats in the Duma.

Even more critically, extremists’ clout has grown due to the electoral success of the People’s Front party of the Prime Minister Yatsenyuk.

During the campaign the supposedly mainstream People’s Front set out to boost its nationalist credentials…

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