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It’s official: Canada has been assimilated

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It's official: Canada has been assimilated. 54001.jpeg

As predicted in this column just four years ago, Canada has been assimilated by its bed-partner, the United States of America. No, this time we are not speaking about hacking baby seals to death or skinning them alive, neither are we speaking about Harper’s Insolence, a new disease among the international political leadership, nor are we speaking about dangerous facilities at sports venues. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are speaking about the most blatant example of political cowardice, a foreign policy which is an insult to the peoples of Canada and an affront to its history.

Once upon a time, Canada used to have “cujones” and when necessary, used to stand up for itself, stand up for its principles and slam its fist on the table when its neighbor to the South bowed to its customary tendency to support Fascist and murderous policies of intrusion across the globe.

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