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Sign the Different Faces of Dispossession Petition

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Sign the Different Faces of Dispossession Petition


Mr. Enrique Peña Nieto, President of the Republic,
Mr. Miguel Angel Osorio Chong, Secretary of the Interior,
Mr. Jesús Murillo Karam, Attorney General’s Office of Mexico,
Mr. Manuel Velasco Coello, Governor of the State of Chiapas,
Mr. Oscar Eduardo Aguilar Ramírez, Secretary General of the State Government of Chiapas,
Mr. Raciel Lopez Salazar, Attorney General of Chiapas,

The Faces of the Dispossessed is born in the context of governmental policies throughout the last decades that have commercialized the natural resources of the ancestral territories of the Peoples of Chiapas. They are part of the Mexican government’s historical refusal to recognize the collective rights of Indigenous Peoples.

One of these Faces is the situation of internal displacement in Chiapas, part of the territorial dispossession that is occurring systematically. The Mexican government is one of the persistent violators of human rights.

For many years now…

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