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My visit with Jalil Muntaqim in Attica

Attica prisoner from COINTELPRO era to face eighth parole hearing in June
The release of Betty Medsger’s book The Burglary this winter once again drew attention to the conspiracies of
COINTELPRO, a program devised by J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI that sought to discredit and destabilize minority
empowerment and self-defense groups like the NAACP, Black Panthers and American Indian Movement—
sometimes to the point of assassinating members of their leadership.
The false evidence and prosecutorial misconduct used to convict high profile COINTELPRO prisoners such as
Leonard Peltier is a matter of public record. But J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI also framed dozens of lesser known
individuals such as Attica inmate Jalil Muntaqim (formerly Anthony Bottom) who, like Peltier, are still in jail
decades after the Church Committee held hearings in 1975 exposing this misconduct.
I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Muntaqim on…

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