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BK/NY – Tuesday, November 11th – Letter-writing to 5E3 and Eric King

NYC Anarchist Black Cross

WHAT: Political Prisoner Letter-Writing Dinner
WHEN: 7pm (sharp), Tuesday, November 11th, 2014
WHERE: The Base1302 Myrtle Avenue Brooklyn, New York 11221 (directions below)
COST: Free
5E3_Eric KingNEWSFLASH: We’re anarchists. That should come as no surprise– it’s right there in our name. We organize as anarchists– collectively, against the state and capital. So for us to move the letter-writing dinners we have consistently hosted for about eight years to one of the few explicitly anarchist public spaces in the five boroughs simply makes sense. And how will we begin this leg of the journey? By writing to imprisoned anarchists!

Carlos López Martin, Fallon Rouiller, and Amélie Trudeau make up the 5E3, who are being charged by the Mexican state for an arson of a Nissan dealership and the neighboring ministry of communication and transportation in January of this year. On October…

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