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Seattle Jury Finds Black Male Guilty of Escaping a Lynch Mob


*Emergency* Matt E (aka MC Bypolar the Toxic Cherub) Faces The Fascists: The Saga Continues

[Above video is of the incident for which Matt E was charged guilty by a trial on October 23rd.]

Backstory before beginning of video:
In short, the two police officers in the video have been calling Matt E (aka MC Bypolar the Toxic Cherub) by name and harassing him in a very unprofessional manner (a standard to which they are supposed to be held to because of their job), making threats for awhile. The police hate him because he is a core founder of Seattle Copwatch which exists to end police violence by filming the police, letting people know their rights etc. Matt E has been particularly good at this and not in a way that is ‘polite’ to the police, calling them out directly for their role in maintaining slavery (since police were started…

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