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Mexico Indigenous Poverty Rate is Nearly Double the Rate of the General Population

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Mexico Indigenous Poverty Rate is Nearly Double the Rate of the General Population

Angélica Enciso L.

La Jornada, 8 August, 2014

10354745_699662983422490_6674093125968396564_nThe indigenous population lives in a situation of underdevelopment which leads to a systematic violation of their fundamental rights: “they are the poorest of the poor.” The percentage of speakers of indigenous languages who live in poverty is nearly double that of the general population: the rates were 76.8% versus 43% in 2012, according to the National Council for the Evaluation of Social Development Policy (Coneval).

The indigenous people living in poverty face “elements of social disadvantage” and they find themselves in greater conditions of instability than the general population, according to the report: Poverty in the Indigenous Population of Mexico 2012.

Prior to the celebration of the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, there was a presentation of the report, highlighting the diversity within this population…

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