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Jan 6th 2012: Unity vs Union Bureaucracy

In light of the reactionary actions of ILWU in Tacoma and the upcoming action in Seattle, see this history…

Black Orchid Collective

Jan 6th 2012 was an intense day for many of us who have been involved in the port organizing actions at Occupy Seattle. The statement below represents the views of those of us at Black Orchid Collective regarding the day’s events. It has also be posted on the Occupy Seattle blog. Please check out the following video links for visual accompaniment.

Longview rank and file member addresses Occupy Seattle here

Disruption by Local 19, Seattle ILWU Branch at the Jan 6th event here (This video does not do justice to the thuggish behavior the union officers exhibited. But till we find better footage, this is what we have)

ILWU Local 19 passes a reactionary resolution with FALSE accusations here


Jan 6th 2012: Unity vs. Union Bureaucracy

Occupy Seattle in Solidarity with Longview, WA

Note: The following piece has been written by some organizers of the January 6th Longview, WA…

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