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Michael Brown was wrongfully targeted for execution in order to antagonize the black population in Ferguson to riot and create “Unrest” in order to further racial divide. Why did the Ferguson “incident” happen just days away from the 50th anniversary of the Watts Riots?; Black Boule Cape Crusaders & FBI’s War on Black America “The tense confrontation that occurred between CNN’s Don Lemon and rapper Talib Kweli on the streets of Ferguson, Missouri Thursday afternoon may not be over quite yet. The day after Kweli repeatedly threatened to walk out of the live interview and accused CNN of “doing a horrible job” in its coverage of the protests there, the conversation continued on Twitter.” @JohnBoye2 FULL Altercation LIVE on CNN TV: Hip Hop Star Threatens to Quit CNN Don Lemon Interview over Ferguson Protest. FULL. ‘Let Me Finish!’ Don Lemon’s Interview with Rapper Talib Kweli Descends into Chaos. Talib Kweli…

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