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All she needs is some burnt cork: Kreayshawn ‘the rapper’

Kissing in the Dark...

Preface (08-20-2014)

This essay was originally written 3 years ago in 2011 when Kreayshawn´s song Gucci Gucci first went viral. Since then we have had white girl mobs, miley cyrus, katy perry, iggy azalea and a continual sea of white people objectifying ´blackness´ for profit. We also have had the murder of Trayvon Martin, Alex Nieto, Eric Garner, Mike Brown and countless others as the colonial system of white supremacy continues to genocide indigenous people all over this earth in general, and black folks in amerikkka in particular. These are all performances of white supremacy. As black and brown folk continue to be taken out by fascist pigs, we have the white supremacist entertainment system strengthening racist ideas of our people, while erasing the real violence we face, which is violent in and of itself. These white womyn minstrels don´t have much to say about that, but that´s nothing new…

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