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We’ve Got Shirts!


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Decolonization is fund raising! Buy the shirts here.

As we continue to independently publish and support decolonization scholarship, we’re proudly looking for new ways that we can bridge the gaps between academic scholarship and communities outside of the academy, particularly using technologies and mediums that publishing on the internet opens up to us. We’ve included MP3s in our journal, podcasts on this blog and now… we’re hoping to include some audio versions of articles, a new way of becoming more accessible beyond simply being ‘open access’. To do this, we need to get some basic recording equipment. This also opens up options for audio interviews or podcasts to be included on this site more regularly.

As a longer term project, we’re also exploring a new website build/design that would allow us to integrate (at this point) the blog and our journal, as well as allow for more accessible layouts…

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