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JULY 30, 2014

RealityCourtResizedAt 2:08am on May 25, 2014, after a day of homage and commemoration to the fallen compañero Galeano of the Zapatista community of La Realidad, the man and voice known as Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos declared that the figure of Marcos would thereby cease to exist.

For 20 years, SCI Marcos has served officially as Military Chief and spokesperson for the Zapatista Army for National Liberation, as well as the target of the hopes, dreams, envy, fear and wonder of thousands of people around the world watching the political and social ingenuity of the Zapatista struggle unfold.

In a midnight press conference in the historically and symbolically important community of La Realidad (literally, “reality”), SCI Marcos announced that the figure of Marcos had been a hologram, a “colorful ruse,” created by the EZLN as part of visibility strategy to help the outside world, drenched in a…

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