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#GazaUnderAttack | In Gaza, the dead cannot be properly buried as Israel’s assault continues

Occupied Palestine | فلسطين

Palestinian family with dead relatives 2014‘There is no tomb for this one. They will wait a long time until they find an empty tomb for him. This is an old cemetery, but the situation of the war obliges people to do this.’

Like living people, the dead in the Gaza Strip are in need of a safe place, but the continuous Israeli bombardment undermines efforts to find them any.Since the beginning of the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip, the number of deaths has reached 1,815. That number is increasing; and yet at the same time, there are not enough tombs for the dead. Therefore, families of the dead are obliged to bury their beloved in old and used tombs.

Al-Ghad newspaper describes how dozens of members of the Rajab family arrived in the old cemetery in central Gaza city to bury their son, who was killed in…

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