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Valley of the Yaqui

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Valley of the Yaqui

Gloria Muñoz Ramírez, Los de Abajo

La Jornada, May 14th, 2014

yaqui1The order suspending the operation of the Independence Aqueduct, a work through which the government of Sonora aims to dispossess 75 million cubic metres of water from the  Yaqui tribe and the farmers in the Yaqui Valley, which was dictated by the eighth district court, is an important legal step for the protection of the water, but still does not signify its final cancellation. Mario Luna, Yaqui authority, says the decision is neither negotiable nor open for discussion, and it must be fulfilled.

The history of grievances against the tribe is large, says Luna, so that if, once the notifications are completed, the work does not stop immediately, both the Yaqui and the rest of the Citizens Movement for the Defence of Water would have to look at the possibility of resuming demonstrations of civil…

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