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Aftermath: The effluent spill, the blockade and clean air in Pictou

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Northern Pulp mill when it was fully operating. Northern Pulp mill when it was fully operating.

by Miles Howe, Halifax Media Coop, June 13, 2014

Pik’tuk (Pictou Landing), Nova Scotia – As day turns to night on Friday the 13th of June, 2014, the air is unusually fragrant and refreshing along the shores of Pictou Harbour.

Typically, on any given day, depending on the course of the wind, either one side of the Harbour or the other will undoubtedly be blanketed in a nauseating funk that is vaguely reminiscent of rotten cabbage. Depending on who you ask, the smell might be referred to as ‘The smell of money’ or ‘That G#@$damn mill’.

Of course, as has now been widely circulated, an effluent spill of an unknown but certainly massive quantity took place on these shores at some point during the evening of Monday, June 10th. The spill was detected the morning of June 11th, so at a rate…

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