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The dirty war designed since 1994 still continues in Chiapas: Las Abejas

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The dirty war designed since 1994 still continues in Chiapas: Las Abejas

The recent attacks are the result of that policy, they say

Hermann Bellinghausen

La Jornada, Saturday 24 May 2014

10366247_784883101529724_3747698251505418634_nActeal, Chiapas, May 23. The Civil Society Organization, Las Abejas had no doubts about declaring: “The paramilitary aggression to which our Zapatista brothers were subjected and the crime against our companion Galeano [José Luis Solis López, Zapatista ambushed and murdered on May 22] are products of the Dirty War, or counterinsurgency, in Chiapas, which has been going on since 1994.”

This Thursday, May 22, when honoring the victims of the massacre that happened here, Las Abejas asked: “How is it possible that the bad government can say that it is going to apply justice, when the government itself planned the Dirty War against the people? In Spanish we call that attitude shamelessness. But in Tzotzil it is…

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